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Apparel Printing Options

Apparel printing has come a long way in the past few years. New techniques and printers have brought you new and exciting choices for your apparel decoration.

We are here to help you find the best choice. Here is some info so you can best understand the differences.

Screen Printing - Screen printing uses inks applied directly to the garment through a template called a screen, By layering different screens, you can add layers of color. Screen Printing is usually limited to 5-7 colors and each color has a screen charge. This technique has the softest feel as the ink is pushed into the fibers of the fabric. Screen Printing has a minimum order and set up charge so it's best used for larger quantities and small color counts. We do not screen in house, but we can set up your artwork and order in for you.


Digital Printing - The world of digital printing has really caught on with the evolution of printing technologies. Digital Printing is done either directly to the garment or to transfer sheets for later application or to apply to other things like glass, wood, canvas and more. Digital Printing is not limited by numbers of color so you can have gradient or shades of color without extra screen charges. With digital printing you can send any detailed artwork or photographs and we can print and apply to your garment or other material. This is best done for one of a  kind, smaller runs of garments, or extremely detailed art with gradient colors. We digital print in house.


Foil - You can add shine with foil. Foiling is a multi-step process but it can be combined with digital printing or rhinestones to create a beautiful look. Don't think that foils have to be big and bulky. You can get very detailed looks. Foils come in many different colors from rose gold, silver, pink, blue and more. Foils cost a bit more, but the effects are dramatic. Foils are done in house.


Rhinestones and Spangles - Rhinestones and Spangles add dramatic sparkle to any garment. Spangles are round shiny circles cut out of a holographic plastic. Rhinestones are faceted or cut stones made from polymer or resin material. Both are super shiny and sparkly. You can have a full  design made of either one or just accents such as on outline or text layered over a digital print, glitter flake or combined with embroidery. We make custom rhinestone templates and do the application in house.



Glitter Flake - Glitter Flake is maximum amount of glitter packed into a special vinyl that we cut and press in house. Glitter flake can be combined with digital print, rhinestones, spangles, and embroidery to create one of a kind garments. This is best suited for simpler designs and cuts. If you want the look of glitter, but in a more subdued shine, we can do that for you.


HTV Vinyl - HTV Vinyl comes in rolls and we use a cutter to cut out words and images to apply to your garment. HTV comes in multitudes of colors and prints. It can be combined with rhinestones, spangles and foil. If you have a simple design or text and only need a one of kind or small quantity, we may be able to substitute this process for screen print. We do HTV in house.


Specialty Materials - There are many different specialty materials that we can use in your designs such as brick vinyl, plastisol, metallics, felt, twill, nailheads and more.


Embroidery - See our Embroidery info page for details on our most popular decoration.

We are always here to help you decide on the best way to add your artwork or idea to your apparel.